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HomeFinanceFinancial aidWhat Is FAFSA?This page may contain affiliate links.Jul 7, 2019It’s time to start filling out paperwork for your student’s college funding. You’ve probably heard of the FAFSA, and you may have heard of the CSS Profile as well. But do you actually know what those forms do – and how they’re different? Understanding the FAFSA and CSS Profile is vital to securing the best college aid. Here’s what you need to know. Understanding the FAFSA The FAFSA is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. This form allows your student to apply for federal sources of aid, such as student loans, Pell Grants, and work-study. Sometimes the state and/or the chosen college will use the FAFSA to determine the financial aid they will provide as well. In a sense, the FAFSA is as close as you can get to a one-stop-shop for financial aid. The FAFSA asks for a variety of information, including: Student income and assets Parent’s income and assets Parental marital status Tax information It can take some time to gather all the information you need to fill out the FAFSA accurately, but it’s vital to do so. In addition, because the government and most schools award aid on a first-come-first-serve basis, it’s important to turn in the FAFSA as early as possible, instead of waiting till FAFSA deadlines. The opening date to start filling out FAFA, is Oct 1st of the year before the college term starts. [To get a quick estimate of what your EFC is, check out this EFC chart. ] Other Financial Aid Forms Some schools use an additional financial aid form called the CSS Profile. This gives more information, and means that some questions and answers that are excluded from consideration on FAFSA may be added back in for specific school-based aid. The biggest differences for the CSS Profile include: The net worth of the family home is counted, up to 2 – 3 times income No simplified needs test Net worth of small family businesses are counted Uses three years of income instead of one Students are expected to contribute to college costs Paper losses that reduce FAFSA income are ignored Non-custodial assets and assets owned by siblings under 19 and not yet in college are counted The number of kids in college gives you a lower deduction Allowances for college savings and emergency reserves are subtracted from assets Student assets are assessed at 25% instead of 20% Regional cost of living differences are considered For most families, the CSS Profile gives a less favorable result than the FAFSA alone. You may consider this as your student looks at schools – it may be best to focus only on schools that use the FAFSA. Net Price Calculators Can Help If you want to cut through the confusion and be able to compare schools apples-to-apples, the net price calculator can make a big difference. Every school that participates in federal aid must have one, although the depth (and therefore usefulness) and accuracy of the calculators vary. Many schools’ net price calculators are quite comprehensive and give you a really good understanding of how your family’s overall picture will impact the aid you receive. You may be surprised to discover that a private school is actually more affordable than a nearby state school. Paying for college can seem daunting, but filling out the FAFSA can go a long way toward getting the funding your child needs. You’ll be able to find out if your student and your family qualify for loans, work-study, grants, and more. [Best Resources For Getting Help With FAFSA] If you need help finding ways to pay for college, we have a lot of resources available. Contact us today to see how we can match you with the best schools for your situation!

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The Effects Of Media Violence On Behavioral Violence

The Effects of Media Violence on Behavioral Violence in Young Adults in America The influence of mass media has progressively increased in American society, but can the media have effects beyond mere entertainment and impartial information? American culture has become saturated with online news reports, social media, and media entertainment. Technology has become a major factor in America’s social environment. Much of the information gained from digital sources involves or portrays violence, and many social scientists have concluded that exposure to these portrayals may influence some individuals to behave violently. There is evidence that consistent exposure to violence can lead audience members to accept violence as normative, and adopt the behavior into their own lives (Surette, 2013, p. 393). However, researchers have also shown that the media is only one factor in behavior, and that it may not be the cause of violence (Black et al., 2016, p. 197). Other researchers suppor t the theory that the benefit of using the media to fight violence outweighs any negative effect from it (Flexon, 2009, p. 608). Understanding violence is a complex, multi-faceted process, and all of these viewpoints must be acknowledged in order to understand the relationship between violent behavior in the media and violent behavior in individuals. Introduction to Violence Violence is usually thought of as an aggressive act, but it involves more than just physical action. Violence is a â€Å"physicalShow MoreRelatedAggressive Behavior And Video Games860 Words   |  4 Pagesexposure to video games may generate behavioral changes among individuals. It is being demonstrated by research that violent television and media have a cause and effect on children and youth that watch them. Because video games use the same repetitiveness mechanism as television and media it is expected by social science professionals that video games cause an even greater impact. Many factors have been cases of study for researchers to support the thesis of behavioral changes as a consequence of exposureRead MoreThe Influence of Too Much Violence on Children1083 Words   |  4 Pagesdomestic and neighborhood violence become more violent themselves because they become less sensitive to violence, accept violence as normal behavior, and are also at risk for severe behavioral and psychological problems. When people, especially children, witness a recurring amount of violence over an extended period of time, they become less sensitive to violence. One of the largest sources, if not the largest source, for witnessing a recurring amount of violence is the media. Every day 21 kids killRead MoreMedia Violence May Increase Behavioral Violence923 Words   |  4 PagesMedia Violence May Increase Behavioral Violence The Virginia Tech School Shooting in 2007 resulted in thirty-two fatalities and seventeen injuries. During the event’s aftermath, a video of Seung-Hui Cho, the shooter, was released to the public. In the video, Cho discusses a previous school shooting at Columbine High School. His reference to another school shooting led the American Psychiatric Association (APA) to conclude that media coverage of the Columbine shooting could have influenced Cho toRead MoreThe Effects Of Video Games On Violent Behavior Among Young Children1525 Words   |  7 Pages The Effects of Video games on Violent Behavior among Young Children Julian A. Jaggon University of Central Florida The Effect of Video games on Violent Behavior among Young Children Just how popular are videogames? In today’s society very popular, not only do our kids and teenagers play video games but even grown men and women play them as well. Video games are now more popular than watching television or going to the movies. According to Center forRead MoreTelevision Images And Physical Violence989 Words   |  4 Pagessecond phase the variable television violence was introduced, from which it is shown to groups of television broadcasts fragments containing violent episodes in order to differentiate the cognitive and emotional impact and how they are made later. Fragments that lasted between 5 and 6 minutes each, with the scenes as they were issued on television were used. For each group two blocks with two pieces each were prepared. Fiction vs Real images and physical violence vs Social. The objective is to analyzeRead MoreThe Effects Of Violent Video Games On Emotion1570 Words   |  7 PagesThe effects Violent Video Games have on Emotio n Tiffany Jones Professor Teresa Neal Psych 2300 Kennesaw State University Introduction Many studies have shown how harmful the effects of media violence can be for over 60 years, and some recent studies have shown that there may even be a direct correlation between a one’s emotions and their exposure to the highly concentrated violence in video games. It is also known that over 85% of video games today have at the very least some type ofRead MoreThe Effects of Media Violence on Children Essay1367 Words   |  6 Pagesâ€Å"I saw it on Television.† Television violence had a role in the childs behavior. Media violence can have a lasting impression on children, teenagers and adults not only through television, but also through video games. In the past two decades, there has been a significant increase in violent behavior in the United States (Merino 1). This is the result of exposure to violence. More than half of television programs and video games contain some type of violence. Perez Daly says, â€Å"’... children areRead MoreViolence Portrayed B y The Media Essay1101 Words   |  5 Pagesliterature discusses the influence media portrays on adolescents. Some propose that the authors are projecting that the youth are negatively effected by the media. Others, however, believe that violence portrayed by the media does not have any real long-term effects on the well being on youths. The three articles selected consider their evidence for this controversial subject. According to Anderson, the discussion on whether or not media has a negative effect of the youth is being argued. He usesRead MoreThe Effects Of Television Violence On Our Society1566 Words   |  7 Pagesproblems today, with violence being at the top of the list, you go anywhere and that is all you here about. Unfortunately it’s in front-page headlines of the newspaper and broadcasted on the news as top stories. Violence is a very big topic, although it is categorized into many small groups. There is juvenile violence, domestic violence, hate violence, terr orist violence, and violence displaced through various forms of the media. This research will be on violence in the media and does it affect ourRead MoreViolent Media And Its Impact On Aggression1544 Words   |  7 PagesViolent Media and Its Impact On Aggression In Adolescence In recent trends, adolescents in the United States are now experiencing an explosive rise in the usage of technology. There have been many technological advances since the 20th century such as the invention of the Internet, cellular devices, and other screens. However, the new generation of adolescents in America; the â€Å"millennials,† are the ones living through and experiencing this new economy and lifestyle. Millennials and many other young

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The And Its Effect On Today s Education System - 810 Words

Segregation has been a trending topic in education for many years and still has some lasting effects on today’s schools. Legal segregation was stopped by the Federal Government in America through numerous decisions based on the Supreme Court decisions of Brown v. Board of Education in 1954. ( The continuous efforts from many pioneers who persevered to ensure equality for teachers and students has paved the way for many educational reforms in today’s educational system. Efforts and progress have been made; however, the continuous efforts of today’s leaders have been controversial and perceived to have made minimal impact to ensure the best education for all students. The Oprah Winfrey Show depicted the divide among schools in the Harper High School experiment where students from the school visited a more affluent school to see the glaring differences. Students from the affluent schools visited Harper High S chool as well. ( The extreme differences of the experience of these students was obviously a deep divide of an equal experience of education. In many areas of the nation, common experiences have been replicated between students on a wide scale. Alan Richard (2013), a journalist and communications consultant for The Hechinger Report, wrote â€Å"The state’s public schools remain nearly as segregated, in some cases, as they did in the 1960s. In many communities across the state,Show MoreRelatedImpact Of Imperialism On The Middle East, Africa, And Asia1287 Words   |  6 PagesImperialism is defined as a policy of extending a country s power and influence through diplomacy or military force. Countries during the Industrial Revolution wanted to imperialize due to social, political, and economic reasons. As early as the mid 1800’s, the European countries craved the idea of power and conquering new lands in order to obtain resour ces/raw materials. They took over Africa, the Ottoman Empire, India, and Southeast Asia due to this as well as for their convenient location. TheyRead MoreHorace Mann Essay684 Words   |  3 PagesSchool System. Horace Mann#8217;s had many reforms on education. He was born in 1796. Mann determined what the purpose of education should be based on his own experience and observation. Mann also had many ideas how education could be improved. Many of these ideas have been followed by schools today as well. Mann also had ideas on topics which one considers today to be controversial. The public should take into account what Mann#8217;s ideas were on these issues. Horace Mann#8217;s reformsRead MoreTranscendentalism And Its Impact On Society1311 Words   |  6 Pages(Brown). He strove to teach himself so that he could be a teacher to others as his revolutionary ideas on education changed how we look at education even today. He began to dive more and more into the world of Transcendentalism. He was a husband a father and a teacher who created a wave through America that still has rippling effects today. Much more came out of this movement including his effect that he had on his daughter who herself spread transcendental ideas through her writings. This man was AmosRead MoreUrie Bronfenbrenner and his Ecological Systems Theory Essay example1063 Words   |  5 Pageschildren. Urie Bronfenbrenner’s ecological theory â€Å"looks at children’s development within the context of the systems of relationships that form their environment.† (MORRISON, 2009) This theory describes multifaceted tiers within the environment, where each layer has a specific influence upon a child’s development. Within Bronfenbrenner theory there are five interconnecting ecological systems: I. Microsystem: this tier is the closest one to the child and consists of the things the child has directRead MoreEssay on American Education in the 1800s725 Words   |  3 PagesAmerican Education in the 1800s In the early 1800’s education in America grew and developed rapidly, largely because of the works of three very important men: Noah Webster, William McGuffey, and Horace Mann. These three men were catalysts for the growth of education throughout the nineteenth century, and without them the large strides America took during this time would not have occurred. These great men all shared one goal: to educate the youth of America as well as possible. This was no smallRead MoreColonization Or Imperialism Is Done By Treaties Or Agreements?1652 Words   |  7 PagesAIU Online Abstract Prior to the modern or new era it was believed that conquers who conquered other lands had the right to take possession of that land, its riches, resources and even the people in order to achieve their own political agenda. Today the concept has changed, colonization or imperialism is done by treaties or agreements, they are acts in which governments negotiate with a less powerful country, they lead them to believe that their colonization will be for the better of their countryRead MoreImproving Education During The 21st Century959 Words   |  4 PagesImproving Education in America One of the first issues is that the U.S is 26th in math, 21st in science, and 17th in reading. America leads in many things except the most important education. China, Finland and Korea are way ahead of us when it comes to education. America s school system ranked fifth in spending. The type of education of a child is one of the factors of their success. Which is one of the areas we need to change. As teachers get their degree they need to be properlyRead MoreSocial Change And The 21st Century Classroom1464 Words   |  6 PagesWhile 21st Century learning and teaching is always changing, it is as dynamic as the world around us. There are many factors including globalisation, social change and technology, which are driving changes in education, with a variety of positive and negative impacts on teaching and learning in the 21st Century. With ongoing changes in teaching practices, which in turn changes the attitudes of today’s teachers and learners. A 21st century c lassroom is a productive environment where the teachers areRead MoreJustice Can Be Described As The Fairness, Equity, Evenhandedness,1308 Words   |  6 Pagesgovernments have come a long way to reach the justice we have today. A person who played a major role in giving us the justice we see today is Martin Luther King Jr. Martin Luther King was a major factor in the laws we see today regarding equality, and he set the stage for what society should be like today. An analysis of, â€Å"A Letter for Birmingham Jail,† and, â€Å"Segregation Now,† will tell what Martins understanding of just and unjust were, the effects of Tuscaloosa’s schooling district on society, and whetherRead MoreEvery Child Across America Encounters Some Form Of Education1402 Words   |  6 Pagesform of education and it is a major priority in society today. In order to receive a desired education, one attends an institution where skills and knowledge are gained to use and progress in futu re goals. Something parents might not realize, when deciding where a child should start the first day of kindergarten, is the options involved with attending a public or private school. Beneficial effects are received when an individual is sent to a proper learning environment. A decent education allows religious

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Research Study on Health Issues Samples for Students-Myassignment

Question: Write a Report on Health Topic. Answer: objective The aim of the study is to explore the experience of the nurses of the midwives. They are responsible to manage the pregnant women who has anemia and admitted to the public health centers. Anemia has a great impact on the pregnancy outcomes. The pregnant women require the antenatal care that prevents the fetus and women from the health issues. Sample For the research, the researcher has chosen the qualitative method. The data was collected from the public health centers that are located in the Yoyakarta special province. This is situated in Indonesia. However, Widyawati et al. (2015) mentioned that in case of the qualitative research the sampling plays a significant role. Based on the inclusion criteria the researcher has chosen 24 public health care service and 23 nurse midwives. Only those nurses are chosen who have at least two years of experience and have the diploma degree. Another inclusion criterion is that the nurses need to work in the public health center and the resident of Yoyakarta special province. Among the nurses, the head of the public health center chose one-nurse midwives to represent the public health centers. In view of Jans et al. (2016), the sampling is quiet small that may not provide vast information to the researcher. Methodology For the data collection, the researcher has selected the semi structured interview method. The base of the interview questions was the implementation of antenatal care services. This can include the standard apparatus of the early detection of the anemia during the pregnancy. Before the interview, the researcher has collected information about the participants such as sex, age, year of experience, details about the training since the previous five years. The interview was conducted in between November 2011 to February 2012. For the interview, the two senior experienced nurses were selected. The duration of the interview was 30 minutes. The interview was scheduled before the working hours so that the duty of the nurses was not hampered. After the 23rd interview, the data collection was stopped. The reason of stopping the interview was that there were no new themes to be emerged. For this reason, the saturation was gained. The entire interview was recorded and interviewers transcribed anonymously. A research diary was used to record the non-verbal features of interviews. For this study, thematic analysis was selected. The primary researcher led the data analysis process. Therefore, comparison between the themes and participants were done. Two members of the research team coded each transcription. To make the themes, quotes were used, which emerged from interview and translated into English. To support the transcripts analysis, the research team used the ATLAS.ti software package. In the public health center, there are two types nurses that are the nurse midwife and nurse midwife coordinator. Jans et al. (2016) mentioned that the nurse midwife coordinators mainly have the extra responsibilities in the administrative work. They supervise the nurse midwives. Three categories were made for the analysis that is under 25 years old, 25-50 years old and over 50 years old. References Jans, S., Nisman, W. A., Hapsari, E. D., van Dillen, J., LagroJanssen, A. L. (2016). Nurse-Midwives and Patients Satisfaction with a New Model for Managing Iron deficiency anaemia during Pregnancy in Public Health Centres in YogyakartaIndonesia.The Four Pillars Approach: a new model for iron deficiency anaemia management during pregnancy, 81. Jans, S., Utomo, S., van Dillen, J., LagroJanssen, A. L. (2016). A qualitative study on barriers of managing anaemia during pregnancy in Public Health Centres: Perceptions of Indonesian nurse-midwives.The Four Pillars Approach: a new model for iron deficiency anaemia management during pregnancy,15, 17. Widyawati, W., Jans, S., Utomo, S., van Dillen, J., Janssen, A. L. (2015). A qualitative study on barriers in the prevention of anaemia during pregnancy in public health centres: perceptions of Indonesian nurse-midwives.BMC pregnancy and childbirth,15(1), 47.

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When I First Saw The Movie Frankenstein, I Realized That Hollywood Was

When I first saw the movie Frankenstein, I realized that Hollywood was still changing the classic novels. In their usual fashion, they changed the names of the characters to be somewhat pleasing to the audience. I guess Henry Frankenstein was a better wholesome name than Victor Frankenstein. Instead they saved the name Victor for the supporting actor because no one would care what they named him. Next they changed Elizabeth to Margaret for some unknown reason. By movie standards today, the monster looked like a man in bad makeup and stiff acting. In Mary Shelley's original interpretation, I envision a monster with pale Caucasian skin color, misshapen limbs and with more vocabularies than Ugh or Ahh. I have come to the realization that the 1931 movie review of Frankenstein and I share the same opinions for the movie. Though I did find the acting and the makeup mediocre, in 1931 it was as the film critic said, "the most effective of its kind." The background and scenery impressed me. Dr. Frankenstein's laboratory was indeed impressive. The elaborate machinery and sound effects added to the sense that life was being created, though they really did go into great detail as to how life was brought back from the dead. The review says that the actor portraying Frankenstein's monster, Boris Karloff, did not portray a robot but a man sewn together with an abnormal brain. However I believed that the monster acted like a robot in the scene with the little girl. The girl presented a set of instructions (throwing flowers in the lake). The monster then copied the instructions like a program. Unfortunately, the "abnormal" brain caused a bug or glitch in his programming which caused the death of the girl. Humans are programmed, like a robot or computer, to follow instruction to perform actions such as walking, talking, driving, or doing simple math. In a sense we humans are highly advanced mechanisms given the ability to comprehend and interpret. After the monster was created, Frankenstein boasts about his achievements. Demonstrating a perfect example of the God complex, he exclaims; " Now I know how God feels." It is man's greatest task to equal or surpass its creator. At the beginning of the novel, its atmosphere is completely different than that of the 1931 movie. First, the novel begins after Victor created the monster that killed Elizabeth. You realize immediately in the novel that there was no happy ending as the movie portrayed. Elizabeth is dead by the monster's hands and Victor has now become obsessed with hunting down and destroying the creature. You also find out in the novel the background information of why Victor is so in love with Elizabeth. The movie also fails to give a very good reason as to how Victor goes on this journey to bring life back to the dead. They forget to mention his studies into Natural Philosophy or Galvanism. The novel also describes a more dark and sinister outlook. The time he brings life to his creation, readers feel a dark chill down their spines. When he describes how the monster haunts him in the shadows, the readers start to feels as if the monster is watching. When it starts to commit other atrocities, shoc k and horror invade the mind. I believe the film was an unjust representation of the novel. The 1931 film gave a lighter representation. It begins to be a little disappointing watching the film after reading halfway through the novel. During the 1920's and 30's, mankind was involved in the search to improve the human race called Eugenics. I believe the 1818 novel and the 1931 film were perfect examples of how the idea of eugenics was so widespread. At this time scientists were working on ways to create life that rivaled God, whether to create perfect children free of disease or to create the super soldier to fight their wars. It was even being suggested to create towns selected with the best of mankind. However, as in the movie and novel, the question of should we manipulate the forces of nature comes into the equation. The movie could be meant as a warning on the evils of eugenics. Though it seems

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The Scarlet Letter4 essays

The Scarlet Letter4 essays The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorn begins by dealing with Hester Prynnes crime and sentence. She shows herself to be a proud woman in how she embroiders her bright red A with golden thread to be displayed to her community. She is a skilled seamstress and she doesnt seem, despite her disgrace, to be afraid to show that about herself. When she walked down the street from the prison to the scaffold, the narrator talks about her realization of how foolish and cowardly she would be if she were to try to hide her mark with the product of her sin, her baby girl. She carries off her initial sentence of being showcased on the scaffold with as much dignity as possible for anyone in such a situation. The reactions of the people were interesting to me; their strong feelings against Hester being permitted to live startled me. I realized what a sort of culture and religion ruled in those times. Also, I couldnt quite imagine being in Hesters position with the kind of disgrace she was f aced with. The narrator describes Hester as totally losing her womanly appeal and beauty over the seven years of condemnation. Roger Chillingworth confused me greatly until near the conclusion of the book. When he visited Hester I was surprised that he wanted to treat her instead of trying to harm her, but then later realized his motives. He wanted no one in the community to learn that there was any relationship between Hester and himself at all; harming her would have raised suspicions. This was vital to his plan of revenge on Mr. Dimmesdale. At first I thought that Chillingworth might have tried to seek revenge against Hester, but then came to the conclusion that he viewed her public disgrace as more punishment than he could ever have managed. Chillingworths revenge ...

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Thanks Giving Tower Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Thanks Giving Tower - Essay Example It shows a symbol of economic prosperity and its design and general layout can be used to tell a lot about the political as well as the economic position of the country during its construction. The building has underground tunnels that are owned by the city of Galls and the other parts of the building belong to major private companies and personalities. The structure as its name suggests acts as both a centre of thanks giving, and as major economic activities. This paper critically looks at some of the designs of the building, the influence that the environment at that particular time of construction had on the building and how the building has been able to transform over the years to the present time. The contributions of the architect Philip Johnson are also discussed in detail and how his life influenced the construction of such a marvelous structure. The Thanks Giving square has undergone a lot of transformation over the years and each time reflecting the type of technology at th at particular period of time. This particular building can be used as a tool for comparing modern buildings and technologies from post modern buildings and technologies. The thanks giving square is mainly used for religious as well as social services. This can be used to show that the society at this particular time was religious and observed religious events. For this reason, Philip decided to design a large building that could be used for religious functions. This building can therefore be used to justify the fact that the society of the 70’s was religious and that the designer as well as the owners were religious persons. The building can also tell us a lot about the culture that existed at that particular period of time (Welch 17). At the time of its construction, the US had a lot going on. There was need for unity amongst people from various states and the cold war was still a major problem. During this period, the US government being an anticommunist society wanted to p rove to the rest of the world that it had the best technology. This led to the invention of many products that were to be used in homes and other places. At this particular period, the US was present in Vietnam and there were a lot of questions about their actions. The thanks giving square can present a lot of things about the US during its construction. With its complicated design and nature, this is one of the architectural designs that were used to sell the US to the outside world. It acted as a symbol of economic prosperity, and a technological advancement. The actual services that the building provided the people, acting as a social service and religious centre showed the value that the US gave to social as well as religious activities a neglected thing in the communist states. Philip Johnson designed one of the most beautiful buildings at that particular time not only to show out his mastery of architecture but to also sell the US to the world as a successful state that was be tter than the USSR and other communist states (Jacobson 47). The building of this glamorous building also shows the characteristic of the building technologies that were present at the moment of its construction. This was the era when various skyscrapers erupted to prove to the world that the US was a superpower and that no other nation could be able to compare with it. As time goes by from the 70’s to the 21st century, a lot of changes have been seen and new technologies have emerged. The thanks giving square has been able to transform with time and hence acquire new technology and shape that reflects on the technology of that particular time. In order to be sustainable all through time, there are various changes and transformations that have been implemented in order for the building not to